i can't wait for thanksgiving 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • my dad and stepmom: so polina, what do you plan on doing this weekend for thanksgiving?
  • me: ......................................
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i don’t know what this is but i WANT IT

me throughout undergrad: i’m gonna do this WHOLE ASSIGNMENT on sunday so my week isn’t as stressful

sunday night: lol who am i kidding *does nothing*

and here i am on a monday afternoon attempting to write an essay due tomorrow teeehee i suck

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The Baby-Sitters Club books would be very, very different if they were written in 2014. (Art by this week’s guest blogger, Kate Gavino).

Poor Dawn. :(


Models Off Duty: Zhenya Katava - Street Style, MFW Spring 2015. 
Damn we cute!
September 27th, 2014

Came across this cute little hideaway right by campus today 
Hamilton, Ontario 
September 26th, 2014